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Project GoMoCry v0.4

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About this version
This is v0.4, condensed in a OnePageRules inspired format, for quick evaluation. It is at best pre-alpha: useable, but very preliminary draft.

Previous versions are more wordy, but not necessarily more detailed.

What is GoMoCry
GoMoCry is a tabletop game where you lead a group of fighters roaming a post-apocalyptic environment both on foot and in vehicles. They fight for survival in loud, brutal, adrenaline fuelled explosions of violence. Lucky for you: you can enjoy all of this from the comfort of a gaming table and hobby desk. Oh, how unfair things can be sometimes!

GoMoCry takes inspiration from various other tabletop games: Warcry, Speed Freeks, Gorkamorka, Gaslands... and tries to mix the best elements from all of them into a fun and easy game system that handles both vehicles and pedestrians reasonably well.

You can use any and all fighters and vehicles 28mm scale miniatures you can think of. A typical warband will contain anything from 3 to 15 fighters and 1 to 5 vehicles.

The goal of this ruleset is to stimulate your creativity to build cool fighters and vehicles models, and let you have awesome adventures with them on the gaming table. Or the other way around. It strives for ease of use, and simplicity of the rules - including their formatting.

So I hope that with GoMoCry, you will enjoy building cool miniatures for your fighters and vehicles, and then using them in fast paced, story-centered games, where killing everything is not the central way to win - unless the scenario says so, of course …
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