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The jungles of Lustria are jammed packed full of small tribes of humans. Of these some of the most famous are the all women warrior tribes of the Amazons. While most of the indigenous tribes are peaceful and keep themselves to themselves, there are some very warlike tribes as well. The most savage of these are the Pygmies. These are small people, and very violent and aggressive peoples. Some of the tribes even practice cannibalism and the black art of Voodoo. While only small, isolated tribes the Pygmies lack the kind of military threat of most of the other races of the Warhammer World - an encounter with a Pygmy war party, or stumbling on a Pygmy village is always a very frightening and often deadly experience for the unfortunate commander.

Pygmies are short and squat, rarely more than 5' tall and often shorter. Although small they are by no means puny. Their skin is dark and their hair is black. They often paint their bodies in a similar way to the Slann, and are very keen on ornamental mutilation such as nose bones, lip and ear plates, filed teeth, ritual scarring and tying great big weights to their tender bits.
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