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LRB Rare Archeotech v1.3

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Unlike regular archeotech, rare archeotech may not bebought from any trading posts, but rather is so rare that your campaign Arbitrator must specifically reward them to the gangs themselves. Due to the powerful nature of rare archeotech it is recommended to reward gangs with such devices sparingly, even as rarely as just one active piece per campaign. This encourages players to actively fight over its ownership and instils a wealth of creativity for your campaign story lines.

There are plenty of scenarios that would be worthy of apiece of rare archeotech upon completion. Perhaps a monstrous creature has one nestled in its lair, or the desperate locals reward their hero once it has been slain. A mad dash into the ash wastes prompted by vague reports of an age old and archeotech inlaid spaceship. The gangs could even uncover an ancient derelict research dome that just happens to be infested with gruesome and deadly creatures, but the lure of an experimental device would surely quicken their exploration. Or it could be a winner's prize for a particularly grueling set of outlawed games, the Lord of the Spire scenario should provide ample inspiration here. Such grand scenarios or linked campaigns can make for truly memorable and fun games, especially if you involve all the players in the antics.

The rare archeotech is provided in a D66 chart allowing the Arbitrator to roll up a device randomly if required. Unlike regular archeotech, due to the sheer variety of devices it is recommended that you allow them to be passed around the gang freely. Each piece of rare archeotech carries a rating that is added to the total cost of the fighter in the same manner as any other equipment. In the unlikely event of a player wishing to sell a piece of rare archeotech, it may be sold to the black market merchants for a cost equaling half of the device's rating.
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