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LRB Rescue Mission 2015-02-26

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Gang fighters injured during a battle can easily fall into the hands of the enemy. Even a victorious gang can discover that one of its fighters has staggered unwittingly into the clutches of their rivals. Rather than kill their captives, gangs will normally ransom them for a price. If a gang cannot pay the ransom, or simply refuses to, then the captive can be sold as a slave or forced into the mines to toil for his new masters.
This scenario represents a rescue mission. One of your gang fighters has been captured and you have discovered where he is being held. A small group of raiders is poised to mount a daring rescue bid.
This scenario can only be attempted when a gang fighter has been captured. The player who has lost his fighter may decide to attempt a rescue rather than pay the ransom. This is an exception to the normal rules for selecting a scenario. Except where noted otherwise below the rules are the same as for the Raid scenario already described.
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