Scavvy Gang Rules for Necromunda 2018

N17 Scavvy Gang Rules for Necromunda 2018 2022-11-13

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As there is no guarantee, that we will ever see them again, I (with the help of Paul Linberg :) ) created Scavvy gang for the Necromunda 2018. I tried to keep them as playable as possible, at the same time staying true to their original form (lore parts are taken from the original materials, apart for some descriptions which I wrote). In this fandmade booklet you can find:
  • Proposition for the Scavvy gang Rules (With Scavvy Boss, Top Dog - new Champion eq., Scally, Scavvy, Plague Zombie and Ghoul, as well as Ex. Pet Scavvy Dog)
  • Mutation system based on the Older one
  • Option for Outlaw and Outcast gang to use Scavvy mutant as a Hired Gun.
  • Proposed stats for Scavvy weapons
  • And as a bonus, rules for famous both Scavvy Dramatis Personaes - Redwart The Magnificent and Karloth Valois.
You can find the pdf here:
What do you think? (For Outlanders funs, I also created Pit Slave Gang Rules, found in this folder)
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