Scratch built oven instructions (for curing modelling putty)

Scratch built oven instructions (for curing modelling putty) V1.0

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Here's the build details for a little scratch built oven.

Here's a video:

The oven is made out of a food can.

- It has three timer settings (2.5 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes).
- Temperature is fixed at 100 degrees C (suitable for BeeS Putty, curing Green Suff, Brown Stuff, ProCreate and so on).
- Heating element is a pair of G4 halogen bulbs.
- Because the temperature is fixed, it won't over cook.
- The 12V supply that you use must be capable of the current drive needed. That will have to match the bulbs that you select. I've chosen a 4A power supply, after characterising my bulbs.

Be careful! Ovens get hot. Don't leave it unattended or near stuff that burns.

Use your own sense when building and using this thing :)
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