Shadow Avenger

Shadow Avenger 1.0

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“’To Defend’. This is the pact. But when Life loses its meaning and is taken for naught, then the pact is ‘To Avenge’.”
-The Tarrakian Defenders’ Pact,
“Heavy Metal: the Movie”
Coming from the war-torn realm of Nagarythe, Shadow Avengers are warriors who specialize in hunting and slaying their old enemies, the Dark Elves. Through the centuries of fighting between the Shadow Warriors and the Dark Elves, the Avengers have adapted to their enemy, and have learned some secrets towards defeating them.

Despite their apparent single-mindedness, Shadow Avengers are also adept in searching through Mordheim for Wyrdstone. Like their other Elven brethren, the Avengers have great skill with a bow, inhuman quickness and agility, and superb senses.
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