Shadow War : Armageddon - Hive Gangs & Outlaws 0.6

Play as a Hive Gang in your games of Shadow War : Armageddon

  1. hreikin
    The purpose of these rules is to allow you to play as a Hive Gang or Hive Outlaws in your games of Shadow War : Armageddon. Below you can see a few notes regarding how the rules have been constructed.

    • Most of the content in this document is copied from the ORB version of Necromunda/Outlanders. It is only duplicated here to allow you to only need this document and the SW:A rulebook to play.
    • I have tried to keep all changes to a minimum, only altering things to bring them inline with SW:A where appropriate.
    • All skill tables have been swapped with their equivalent skill table in SW:A with the exception that Techno has been replaced by Guerilla.

    If you manage to play-test these rules and have any feedback then please get in touch via the channels listed below. All feedback is appreciated no matter how small.

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