Shadow War : Armageddon - Hive Gangs & Outlaws

Shadow War : Armageddon - Hive Gangs & Outlaws 0.6

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  • Typo fixes.
  • Pit Slaves added.
  • Arbites/Enforcers added.
  • Armoury updated.
  • Quick Reference updated.
  • Design Notes updated.
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  • Add basic equipment (knife) to redemptionist gangs.
  • Add basic equipment (knife) to ratskin gangs.
  • Pit Slave added to special operatives.
  • Wyrd added to special operatives.
  • Special Operatives moved to own section to remove content duplication across gangs.
  • Special Characters section added.
  • Bestiary added.
  • Design Notes updated.
  • Initial Outlanders port.
  • Scavvies added.
  • Redemptionists added.
  • Ratskins added.
  • Spyrers added.
  • Design notes updated.
  • Armoury updated.
  • Quick reference updated.
  • Remove descriptions from gang and special operative entries.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Flak armour added to miscellaneous.
  • Carapace armour added to miscellaneous.
  • Added knives to all types of fighter.
  • Formatting ready for any future addition of content from Outlanders.
  • Split grenades into own category to mirror SW:A.
  • Quick reference chart added.
  • New contributor added.
  • Heavy Plasma Gun - Profile changes.
  • Special rule added for hive gangs to match kill teams in SW:A.
  • Cost fixes - If a weapon, ammo or piece of equipment features in both Necromunda and SW:A and a cost is provided by SW:A then that cost is used.
  • Added basic weapon access to heavies.
  • Hotshot ammo now has the Catches Fire special rule.
  • Miscellaneous equipment added.
  • Max gang size increased to 20.
  • Credits added.
  • Changelog added.