Sisters of Sigmar

Sisters of Sigmar 1.0

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The Sisters believe they have a holy mission, a task that they have been set by Sigmar himself and to which they must submit themselves body and soul. Their sacred duty is to gather up the shards of wyrdstone and hide it deep beneath Sigmar’s Rock in the vaults of their convent where, shielded by a great depth of solid granite and guarded by the eternal prayers of the sisterhood, it will cause no harm to Sigmar’s people.

It is a nigh hopeless task, for there are few Sisters and countless shards of stone. Worse still, there are many who want the stone for themselves, to take it from Mordheim and spread its contagion amongst the cities of the Empire.

The Sisters have the following warrior options:
  • Heroes
    • Sigmarite Matriarch
    • Sister Superior
    • Augur
  • Henchmen
    • Sigmarite Sister
    • Novices
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