Skaven of Clan Pestilens

Skaven of Clan Pestilens 1.0

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Clan Pestilens exist to spread plague and pestilence through their foul rites and experiments. They have been chosen by the Horned Rat himself as his Disciples of Decay and are responsible for more deaths than any other clan, mainly due to the plagues and diseases they have unleashed on the cities and empires in the Old World. The main strongholds of Clan Pestilens consist of captured Slann temple-cities in the humid jungles of Lustria and a mighty stronghold in the southlands. They also have their own quarter in Skavenblight, maintaining their position as one of the most powerful clans in the Skaven Under-Empire. Plague Monks favour knives and staffs while the higher ranked members carry heavier weapons and even warplock pistols. The knives are long and serrated and are often rusty or smeared in rotten corpses to ensure that the any nonlethal wound becomes infected. The Clan members do not need to wear armour since their bodies are hardened by the diseases they carry they feel little pain, they rely on their thick fur to protect them. The robes themselves offer protection equal to soft leather and will be considered as light armour when combined with the scattered pieces of chain mail or plate that some plague monks do wear underneath their putrid robes.
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