Skaven of Clan Skryre

Skaven of Clan Skryre 1.0

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The Warlock-Engineers of Clan Skryre spend their days tinkering with arcane machinery that are powered by a combination of magic, Warpstone fuel and Warplightning. They construct machinery for various tasks but they all have in common that they are unreliable and break down or explode all too often. The holds and workshops of Clan Skryre are therefore a constant workplace as sections need to be constantly repaired or enlarged to fit the new machineries. Engineers scuttle around hectically making makeshift repairs or adjustments to machinies that makes awful noises, supervisors try to overvoice the noise of the machinies to give orders and at the same time complete complex calculations.

The meteor and the rumours of the properties of the mysterious Wyrdstone have reached the ears of the Warlock-Engineers. Who knows what machines could be fueled with that stone or how they will enhance their effect. Expeditions have been sent out to return with a sample of the stone, each Chief Warlock has sent at least one expedition. As usual the Skaven lords do not trust their servants and most certainly not each other. Whoever first gets hold of a sample will have an important advantage over the others. The only thing that stop large armies to be deployed is the edict made by the Council of Thirteen that no expeditions save Council sanctioned ones are allowed. A small expedition stand a greater chance of slipping though and if they are indeed caught the Chief Warlock will of course not know anything about the rash young Warlock-Engineer leading the expedition.
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