Skaven Warband

Skaven Warband 1.0

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The Council of Thirteen in Skavenblight has assigned Clan Eshin the mission to retrieve a sample of the Wyrdstone from the Manling City of Mordheim. However many Skavenlords want to lay a paw on some Wyrdstone for themselves. Yet they cannot send an army to the city because that would mean interfering with the Councils edict that no expeditions save Council sanctioned ones are allowed. A small - expedition stand a greater chance of slipping though and if they are indeed caught the Lord will of course not know anything about it. The punishment for crossing the path of the Council is severe and Clan Eshin are more than willing to enforce the rule of the Council by the use of their poisoned blades.

Your Skaven Warband has either been sent out on order from a Skavenlord or you have taken the initiative yourself to retrieve a sample of the Wyrdstone. The Skaven are a jealous race and a Skaven will happily sabotage for a fellow Skaven to further his own ends or to make sure his rival doesn't outdo him.
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