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In all of recorded history, there are few Mercenary warriors who gain much notice. One such warband, however, is mentioned at length. These warriors are known as the Skin Flayers, and army lead by the Dark Prince, Vlad Tepes, the Dragon. Tepes has sent many small bands of these Mercenaries into many cities, especially Mordheim, where the rumors of the Wyrdstone's power offers a quest that cannot be ignored. The Skin Flayers are renowned for their thirst for violence, the penchant for torture and their flair for bloodshed.

They are known to skin those they have slain and used the flesh in capes, as warnings, and even as parchment. While not beasts (at least not in the pure sense of the word), they are monstrous creatures in spirit. Make no mistake, they are not chaotic cultists or mindless killers, but a well honed fighting force to be reckoned with. Beware, the Skin Flayers have made their way to Mordheim, and there is little that can stop them.
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