Soulless Fury

Necromunda Soulless Fury 2020-08-25

No permission to buy ($9.99)
I love Necromunda, but this was a real slog. This is not how I think Mad Donna or Mad D'onne (name change doesn't bother me at all, kinda seems like a cool call out to her spire origins) should be portrayed. I liked Mad Donna in Survival Instinct, she seemed like a fully formed character there. Here she seemed like a bad parody of Harley Quinn from The Emancipation of Harley Quinn (a movie I really liked). The wig also drove me nuts. It seemed SO impractical as to as to not be amusing even as an insane affectation. I had hopes when, in the epilog, she seemed to find what she was looking for only to her cast away the one thing that showed some humanity. It was nice to see the telepaths foreshadowing play out in a way that I didn't see coming, but over all not a great book.