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Even in the living nightmare of the Underhive, the Spyrers are spoken of with a shudder. Parents scare small children into obedience with a mention of their name and grown men fall silent at tales of their attacks. To Underhive dwellers they are demons of the darkness, blood-soaked fiends who prey upon the warring gangs without compunction or pity.

These creatures are not devils or ghosts, as the Underhivers know all too well. They are the sons and daughters of the Noble Houses that rule Hive Primus and the whole of Necromunda from the fastness of the Spire.

These siblings of noble blood are cast down into purgatory to prove themselves tough and resourceful enough to take their place amid the ruling families. In a hive containing so many billions of souls, only the most dynamic and merciless individuals can expect to rule, or
indeed to survive.

Spyrers are sent below the wall in teams. Once in the Underhive they can expect little help, no money and no resources: they have only the equipment they bring with them and their own native wits to help them survive.

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Introduces possibly the most distinct ruleset for Necromunda, the Spyrers play like no other gang in the game.
To start a Spyrer gang you simply select the make up of your team from four Spyrer types; the powerful Orrus, the agile Jakara, the sneaky Malcadon and the flying Yeld. Once selected, your team must take a 'vow'; a criteria they must achieve to claim success. This can be to survive so many games, or to kill a certain amount of underhivers. Then, you are free to start your reign of terror over the underhive.
The rules easily plug into all of the rulebook editions without any major clashes (if any). The rules have no errors and are illustrated with some great colour shots of terrain, and superb illustration of these hunting beasts.
They are a very colourful addition to a vibrant campaign, but that's where the Spyrers play best I feel; as a quirky menace in a well run campaign. They are either feast or famine, they either dominate a game or are trounced resoundingly. Scenario selection is key for Spyrers, and their rules are very different to anything else in the game, but they are great fun!