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NCE Squat Mining Gangs In Necromunda 1.0

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Based loosely on the original "Hi Ho Squat Mining Gangs" article from Games Workshop, but with the worst excesses of that ruleset toned down.

The Squat Mining Gang is a relatively elite gang (basic gangers cost 60 creds) and a slow moving but implacable foe; every model has M3, but with Nerves of Steel and T4 on all members they can often keep moving under fire when other gangs would get pinned down or injured.

They have the unique base skill combo of Muscle-Ferocity-Techno, which doesn't appear on any other gang in the game.

The rules also include a few unique equipment options and a unique outlanders terrain chart, plus a "Squat Longbeard" hired gun option - a sort of vertically challenged, hardy bounty hunter.

All this means the gang plays noticeably differently but without deviating too far from a normal gang in terms of stats and costs.
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