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NCE Streamlined Necromunda Vehicle Rules Vehicle Rules v1.6

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Streamlined Necromunda Vehicle Rules offer easy to follow rules for designing and using vehicles in either the more vast expanses of the Ash Wastes or in scenarios within the depths of the Underhive.

A tailored mash-up of the Ash Waste/ Gorkamorka vehicle rules and the Simplified Vehicle Rules written by YakTribe member jimjimjimmyjim, the SNVR cleanly provides simple rules for giving your gang some transportation in a very easy to follow format, complete with a reference page of Vehicle Size, Propulsion System, and Armour Class.
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  1. Streamlined Necromunda Vehicle Rules v1.6

    Based on the play testing work @Tomcaet has done, I was able to make the following amendments...
  2. Streamlined Necromunda Vehicle Rules v1.5

    A host of changes with the help of @Kon-rad doing some editing including: Pinning...
  3. Streamlined Necromunda Vehicle Rules v1.4

    Changed the movement rate for Walkers from 1/2 x Rate to Normal Rate.