Survial Instinct

Necromunda Survial Instinct 2005-05-24

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The Story
In the nightmare industrial underworld of Necromunda, brutal gangs clash in desperate battles to increase their standing with the rich decadent families who occupy the uppermost spire of their teeming hive city. D'onne 'Mad Donna' Ulanti is a loose cannon, an unhinged maniac with a vicious streak a mile wide. Yet, unknown to many, she began her life as the daughter of a noble, high up in the spire. When a mysterious guilder approaches her with secrets to her past, D'onne and her Escher allies are thrust into a fight for survival where treachery, deceit and murder are the least of her troubles!

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Pycho outlaw Mad Donna is an unstoppable force wielding guns, knives, and swords. After her failed assassination attempt, this renegade noble sets out on a journey through the dismal Underhive to find who sent the killers. It’s a trip like no other full of toxic pits, acid rain, giant predatory rats, zombies and sludge monsters. And that’s only in the first three chapters!
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Best. Book. Ever. I mean it, I read a lot and this was not only my favorite Necromunda book. Not only my favorite 40K book. It was my favorite book ever! So much fun to read. Especially as it was written by Chambers himself. I could go on and on, but what I especially like is how he added an intellectual layer (in the form of Marxist terminology) to what is essentially a pulp novel.
This is really Wicked for the Underhive and since it was published 5 years after Wicked, it really could be an influence. I really didn't like Wicked, couldn't even get though it, as I really don't care for the world of Oz and really just wanted my wicked witch to be wicked & not troubled, but I did like Survival Instinct. I do love all things Necromunda, but didn't really care where Mad Donna came from. Still don't really and can't understand GW's infatuation with people fleeing the spire into the Underhive, but I did like the story here. I did find it weird that there was a ekranoplan on the sump (Google it, it's weird vehicle). The author must have seen a picture of it and just decided that a contraption that weird needed to be in the story. Really good description of The Sump at the end that was practically worth the price of admission alone. Nice to see some of our old standbys of Escher, Delaque, the Goliath Dog Soldiers gang, Pit Slaves and Guiders.