Survivors of Strigos

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The long-ago destruction of Mourkain scattered a people to the wind. These now nomadic people, known as Strigany, travel through the human kingdoms in small caravans and live off the land. Their legends still remember the golden-age when the 'undying king' was reigning over a rich and powerful Strigos, and they prophecize that one day he will return and guide his people to reclaim their ancient land. That undying king was Ushoran, the patriarch of the Strigoi Vampire line. Now a degenerated mass of muscle and fang, Strigoi Vampires feed off the recently dead, often hiding in graveyards to dig out the corpses of the just buried to drink their cold blood. Their physical appearance reflects their miserable condition, as they have turned into hunched and disgusting monstrosities. Ghouls flock to these lonely creatures, forming grotesque courts around them. Grave robbers, those vile men who gather on battlefields to steal
from the bodies of the fallen have learned all too well that they must do their deeds before nightfall. With darkness, different kinds of scavengers always fall on these places of death. Swarms of ghouls led by massive, fast and deadly night hunters: Strigoi Vampires.

It is little wonder that the peoples of the Old World refer to the Strigoi as the 'Ghoul Kings'. The same superstitious people accuse the wandering Strigany of being in contact with these dangerous creatures, of worshiping and serving them. Others are sure that the Strigany help the Strigoi vampires to move from town to town in their caravans. These rumors, usually false, have cost the the Strigany dearly, since they are often persecuted and killed for no other reason that this reputation. A few fortunate bands do have a protector, and when the mob approaches to deal their justice to the Strigany, the bloody feast begins...
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