Swarm at the Gates

NCE Swarm at the Gates 1.5

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V. 1.5 (last updated 12.28.2015)

This is scenario that represent gangers going on shopping near the edge of hive city. Suddenly screamers alert incoming threat and when unorganized gangers sees the overwhelming force of Tyranids they have only limited options either try to work together against the threat or try to escape. Gangers realize that they have hope of deflecting the attack if they take on the weapon platforms defending the walls of the hive city or if they manage to hold the forces long enough to Hive City enforcers.

In order to play this scenario you should have access to Tyranid 40k army with Hormagants, Warriors, Genestealers, Termagants and Exocrine, as well with Necromunda gangs, terrain.

This scenario is meant to be long epic fight, race against time and as a designer I consider bad battle if atleast half of the gangers hasn't gone out of action. Holding nerves in this scenario is really tested, with the Terror checks. Gangers are more likely to hold if they form a close groups together, but on the other hand Tyranids are much more likely to finish off groups.

Here is link to Yaktribe forum thread about my scenario http://gaming.yaktribe.org/community/threads/swarm-at-the-gate-my-first-custom-scenario.2190/
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Such a good fun scenario! When else do you get to fire a missile launcher? Or heavy flamer.
Love the cooperative nature of this one too