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N17 Tactics (Deck of Doom) 2024-01-15

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Added Delaque vehicle tactics from Apocrypha Necromunda.
Added Van Saar vehicle cards from Aranthian Succession 3: Ruins of Jardlan (N23).
Applied all cards from N23 Rulebook.
  • Underdog:
    • 12 unique cards updated
    • 13 new cards added
  • Normal: 26 cards updated.
Added Cawdor Vehicle Tactics.
36 tactics from Aranthean Succession are included:
  • 18 Escher (Vehicle)
  • 18 Goliath (Vehicle)
Updated with N22 Squats from Book of Outlands.
Universal vehicle cards from N22 Ash Wastes.
Outcast tactics included.
Improved wording of the new Take a Swig.