The Ash Wastes

LRB The Ash Wastes 2014-03-12

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Is there life outside of the hives of Necromunda? Can anything truly live in the toxic, violate wastes between the great hive cities on the surface of Necromunda? The answer is simple, the Ash Wastes are a harsh environment and the people who dwell there are just as hardy. Be they the native Ash Waste Nomads scavenging what they can or the mighty Hive Prospector Teams out in search of new mineral outcroppings, the denizens of the Ash Wastes are almost as diverse as those of the Underhive.
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Latest reviews

While you need the LRB to use this rulebook, it has so much stuff as to be a quite different experience to Necromunda. It's really fun to explore the rest of the planet.
The Vehicle rules are a bit clunky, direct copy and pastes from gorka though for the most part so if you know gorka your sorted, or if you want to learn gorka and know necro, this is a nice transition.

Leads to very different campaigns to standard necro, and has to have every player on board with making vehicles for their gangs. Can lead to excellant mad max/waterworlds/starwars jawas type mixes though.

slightly let down as an article due to it not feeling competly polished, otherwise with a bit of fine tuning easily a 5 star piece