Necromunda The Deserter 2018-12-11

Bounty Hunter The Deserter

  1. YakTribe
    Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 12.06.26 AM.png
    Advent Calendar 2018: Day Eleven

    A chance encounter with a stranger known only as "The Deserter" might be just what Corenne needs as she struggles to survive in Necromunda's underhive.

    It's a tale of faith, hope and sheet dumb luck from the underhive, filled with fascinating characters and chance encounters.

    In the underhive of Necromunda, the only law that really matters is that might is right and unless you can defend what's yours, someone else will claim it. That's what happened to Corenne. When the Thunder Knuckle Posse came, they took control of the Sweet Drop Still, sending her family packing. Now, she wants it back, and a chance encounter with a ragged old man known only as "The Deserter" who claims to have fought in the armies of the vaunted Lord Solar might just be her salvation – or at least revenge.

    An audio drama written by Justin D Hill.

    Running time 27 minutes. Performed by Steve Conlin, Toby Longworth, Carla Medonca & Jo Woodcock.

    Also available on Amazon.

Recent Reviews

  1. nooker
    Version: 2018-12-11
    First audio for Necromunda! It was fun. I thought I realized how it was going to go and thought it was gonna be really cheesy, but it went a different direction. Still kinda cheesy, but much better than where I thought it was going.
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