The Drooler in the Dark

The Drooler in the Dark 1.0

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I stood at the door of the ruined building, my face pale. A cold sweat dampened my brow. I turned to look at my companion to see how he was faring.

“Prepare yourself, Karl. We are about to face something so horrible and evil that I am surprised that the very earth does not reject its presence.”

“What is this horror?” said Karl.

“The Drooler in the Dark, the Dog That Should Not Be...” I said, my voice trailing off to a whisper.

“A Hound of Chaos!” Karl cried as a look of terror crossed his face.

“No, far worse.” I said as the door swung open, revealing It.

“Oh, look at the cute doggy!” said Karl, stepping forward to meet the Beast.

“No, Karl!” I cried, but it was already too late...
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