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ORB The Gunk Flood 2014-03-10

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The fight takes place on a very dangerous section of the underhive. Burst and ruptured pipes have caused this area to staft flooding with what looks like very murky water, but this toxic gunk is lethal if it gets to you, in your nose and mouth. The very veins of the underhive are spilling out, threatening your gang's survival and what's more you have company...
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The premise of this scenario is great, potential for a really tense situation and chaos for all gangs involved. We even tried this with a 4 gang setup. The problem is that it's so random how much the gunk rises but it has potential to rise a large amount in a short time which can effectively doom a large amount of gangers in a short time.

I think this scenario needs a good re-write with some better rules for the gunk to make it a bit more reasonable for the flow.