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LRB The Hoard 1.1

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The Underhive is home to numerous undiscovered enclaves of valuable materials. Over millennia pollutants can seep into pools and slowly transmute into new precious minerals and compounds. Rare flora and fauna flourish in gloomy corners growing and spawning until unearthed. Most precious of all is ancient archeotech, the vestige of Imperium's past technological opulence. But the most common finds are abandoned equipment caches, the result of the constant warring gangs or outlaws raiding holesteads, merchant caravans and slave trains. So the Underhive gangs regularly send small groups into neighbouring domes to search for such stashes, and when they do it’s a race against time to secure and loot the hoard before rival gangs try to seize control.

This scenario represents one gang’s lucrative discovery being attacked by a rival gang before reinforcements have arrived to secure and loot the hoard.
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A well balanced mission that makes a nice change to the usual loot grab if your after an objective with financial rewards.