The Lost

The Lost 1.0

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Ever since Mousillon declined into the mire, there has been little to hold its inhabitants to the land. Yet the city is still occupied by the dregs of those unable or unwilling to leave. They eke out a living in the docks and in the little urban villages that subsist in the mud and the shadow of the castle. Faced with bandits and night-walking predators, the survivors of the City of Lost Souls were forced to hide and make themselves unworthy of any attention. In recent years, however, as the ordeals of the city become harder and more punishing, certain individuals have dreamed of restoring the city to its former glory. Scorning the tactics of the nobility, who they see as ineffective and distanced from reality, these Barons, as they are known in a mockery of their former rulers, have begun to call the survivors to them.
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