The Redemption

LRB The Redemption 2014-03-08

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Who beholding the filth and degradation of the Underhive could doubt that the people of Necromunda have had visited on them a terrible punishment, but not a punishment undeserved? For are not those who dwell in this hive prone to every kind of immorality and excess? The hive is swollen with corruption and it must be cleansed, and made into a realm of piety and purity.

So the Cult of the Emperor's Redemption believes.

The Redemption is a cult who believe that the only way to achieve redemption for themselves, Necromunda and ultimately mankind, is to cleanse it of sinfulness. This cleansing is best achieved by fire, which leaves no trace of corruption and by the death of the corrupt so that there taint cannot spread from them to others who may yet be redeemed.

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The redemptionists are a really fun way to play necromunda. They arrive in large bands and burn everything they come into contact with. These rules are pretty good, hey are slightly different from the Outlanders version in that they aren't automatically outlawed and the weapons list has a few differences, the territories work differently and other little changes. There are two types of crusade to try too, the leaderless rabble of a 'Mob' or the organised rabble of a 'Crusade'.
Overall these rules are fun and worth a try. There are no photos of models or terrain though.