The Under-Times Edition 2

NCE The Under-Times Edition 2 1.0

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This Edition sees numerous updates on a busy week-cycle of fighting.
The first Bounties have been set and listed.
The beginning of the Guild-Sponsored-Hunt for 5 mysterious data-slates is alluded to...

See next week's edition for results of the first plot-centered big fight of the campaign, based around the escape of Smoking Joe.
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  1. The Under-Times Edition 2

    A fixed version of the [LAGGNOG] parody news slate - Second Edition. A lot of fights in this...

Latest reviews

Really enjoyed that! Writing these things really bring a campaign to life. Keep it up.
B. Roozer will be back soon. I had to take a hiatus to deal with becoming a dad. Turns out it's more labour intensive than i thought it'd be.

I'll let you know if/when we start a new campaign. It'll be quite soon. Thanks for the encouragement and take care. :)
Bloomin' awesome!
Cheers mate ... hoping to get some photo's in for the next one. I'm finally ahead of the game now, so it's time to start really fleshing the world out a bit.

Don't know what i'm going to go with for this week's feature ... undecided on NPC Character Profiles or Gang Leader Profiles ...

... Either would be awesome to do. Would love to hear any ideas or contributions ... Maybe B. Roozer or one of his lackies could interview a guilder or two.