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The Underside Campaign 2.00

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  • Removed House rules.
  • Changed ambush to an underdog bonus.
- Changed the Marksman skill to needing a leadership test to use.
- Changed the central hex into a subway station.
- Added subway station territory to the wastes terrain.
- Added rules for factions joining during the campaign.
- Changed the rules for outlaws to hold more than one hex.
  • Altered gambling den rules.
  • Altered spore cave rules.
  • New rule on firing guns while on ladders.
  • Only primary gangs may now use their underdog bonus for free hired guns or battle cards.
  • Each gang of a faction may now only oppose one action per turn.
- A few minor changes ready for the campaign next month.
- Added multi-lasers, multi-meltas, inferno pistols, storm bolters and long rifles.
- Tweaked some of the multiple gang rules.
- Added a post battle sequence summary.
- Added an alphabetical equipment chart.
- Added a rare trade chart with prices on.
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- Made the wording a little easier to understand.
- Updated maximum characteristics.
- Updated the friendly doc and weapon factory rules.
- Adjusted some of the turn events.
Update 1.1
- Added the rules for leadership challenges from the ORB book.
- Altered the ammo factory territory.
- Tweaked the multiple gang rules.