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Thrashin'! - Powerboards in N95

ORB Thrashin'! - Powerboards in N95 2020-11-30

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Proposed rules for Rare Trade equipment "Powerboard." Inspired by the N20 "Van Saar grav-cutter" to look back at the Powerboard from Warhammer 40'000: Rogue Trader and the "red book" Compendium, recognizing the prevalence of "skateboard gangs" in the movies of the 1980s which inspired much of Necromunda, it seemed an obvious omission to have overlooked for twenty-five years. Belatedly, here the are. Familiarity with the Ash Wastes vehicles rules and the GorkaMorka vehicles rules is necessary to incorporate these into your gangs [along with some luck at Rare Trade].
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