NCE THUNDERCUBE Version 4.0 dated 13 Feb

Rules for the THUNDERCUBE

  1. Version 4.0

    With extensive play testing at Tribemeet 2018, I sat down with some of the enthusiastic members (I can't remember who, I'm so sorry but it was nearly a year ago!!) and gathered feedback and suggestions as to how to improve the game: Key updates are:
    • Arena Traps
    • More stray-shot madness!
    • Crowd Interactions
    • Sponsorship
    • New weapons
    • Errata (including adding claw to hydraulic pump upgrade)
    We will be playing these rules at Tribemeet 2019 so look forward to another...
  2. This time with file!

    Update v3
    Fixed pitslave weapons copy/paste error (I must’ve been tired!)
    Added roster sheet with graphic from the Duke
    Added quick ref sheet.

    This time, I also uploaded the actual update!
  3. Yakmeet edit

    Fixed pitslave weapons typo
    Included roster
    Created quick-ref
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