Tilean Mercenaries

Tilean Mercenaries 1.0

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A Tilean warband is unlike any other warband that is present in Lustria. .A player can theme a Tilean war band to suit the needs of his campaign.

Tilean warbands are often hired to explore the steamy jungles either by their patron city-state or by wealthy merchants or guilds. There are many city-states in Tilea to base a warband’s history on although only the most prominent three will be dealt with here. You can create a pirate warband hailing from Sartosa or a warband of acolytes of the patron god Lucan from Luccini if you so desire. Whatever warband suites your fancy you’ll find that the land of Tilea is rich with history to base it upon. You’ll also find a Tilean warband to be structured much like the mercenary warbands of Mordheim but there are subtle differences that reflect the rich Tilean history.
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