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NCE Tribemeet Campaign Book NCE & N18 1

No permission to download
Excellent quality! wish i had a hard copy to go with my Tribe MEAT one.
Great work, very fancy looking. I'm glad you are giving copies out when we get there, otherwise my printer ink would be decimated XD
Really I should give this no stars - why o why did we let the Russian stop us making a clone slave galley? Ruined my weekend. And then Rad didn’t make cakes.
Why are the monsters so weak? Everyone knows they should have had stats of 5 or 6 before adding traits! No, I’m not bitter…….
Apart from that glaring oversight this book is fabulous, I’d give it more than 5 stars if that was an option.
I feel like some of the authors deserve literary awards or at least a pint or three if you meet them….
Little do they know that not only had a Russian infiltrated their ranks in the form of 'The Grey One', but his very presence has infiltrated their minds!
A masterwork of games design and development. I laughed, I cried. Rumour has it the authors are all stunning examples of humanity as well - brave, noble, witty, and they hardly ever make off colour jokes about Russians.