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Many races are drawn to Mordheim, all of them seeking Wyrdstone. Most sell it, some collect it, a scant few use it to gain favor, but one race has an entirely different use for Wyrdstone. There is one race that actually consumes Wyrdstone as food.... Trolls.

Often seen as part of Orc or Goblin war bands, Trolls have gained a taste for Wyrdstone that can only be likened to addiction. Trolls are stupid.. extremely so by human standards, but there does exist a kinship between them that goes beyond the boundaries of their crude, primitive language. It has been said that all trolls consider other trolls family of a sort. They occasionally band together in a search for Wyrdstone. The ranks within the war band (Trolls call it a "Brood") are all denoted by family names. Because of the kinship the trolls feel, they have a good deal more concentration and self control when in the company of their Brood.

Having no need for money, Trolls wantonly consume Wyrdstone as soon as they find it. The warping nature of the stone has been known to affect certain changes in the troll's bodies and even their tiny minds. The old proverb of "thou art what thine doth consume" is doubly true of trolls, who tend to radiate Wyrdstone after they have consumed a sufficient amount. This tends to draw other trolls into the Brood as they have been able to smell the Wyrdstone as well as the other trolls about.
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