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N17 Turn Timer 1.0

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Many Necromunda scenarios can benefit from a turn limit, so I've mocked up a quick and simple random game-end turn timer for your games.

At end of round: Roll a D6 starting from Round 4 onwards. If the die role equals or beats the labeled die on the chart, the game ends.

Giant Killer Bonus:
If you are battling a gang and your crew rating is more than 200 credits lower than your opponent, all fighters taking part in the battle will get a bonus to XP at the end of the battle if you last until at least Round 4 or if your opponent Bottles Out.

For every full 200 credits you are outmatched, participating fighters will get +1 XP. If the underdog also wins the battle, participating fighters will gain a bonus +1 XP.

In case anyone had noticed, this turn timer concept was ruthlessly co-oped from Leder Games' "Oath". We've played through with these rules a few times and it's been awesome.
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