Ultimate Mordheim FAQ & Errata

Ultimate Mordheim FAQ & Errata 2005

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This FAQ page tries to cover the possible questions and answers that Mordheim players might have. Some things might not be clearly written in the rulebook, there are some typos in the rulebook as well. Since its original author, Honza Skýpala, last updated his brilliant work in March 29, 2001, I have decided to revise his work with other FAQs I have found from several sources, including the Official Mordheim site at the Specialist Games.

Of course some people value the "official" answers, i.e. answers from Games Workshop. Some of answers here are not official and so are only recommended to use. These answers are not the brilliant thoughts of mine - in fact they are the most common answers for that question from E-groups Mordheim mail list.

Some questions and answers are copied from other material, like Games Workshop Official Mordheim's FAQ, Mordheim Yahoo! eGroups' FAQ and maybe some others. These are present here for completeness and I respect the fact that they were written by somebody else. I hope these people don't mind including them here. Answer is always completed with information of the source of answer. If somebody disagrees with including his answer and/or name on these pages, please write me and I will (unwillingly) remove it. This is updated FAQ is done in no attempt to take credit for the new compilation, but in an effort to make sure that there is an updated FAQ around. This of me as the keeper of the knowledge, never as his author. I may know what you are looking for, only because I read about it many times.

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