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N17 Underhive Bestiary 1.0

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As part of my Prospect Edition ruleset (a revision of N18), I devised this set of rules to add more verisimilitude to games, including encouraging players to use them. I hope they form a good model for the community. Included in the document are:

Human Characters
  1. Hive Dwellers
  2. Agents
Underhive Creatures

  1. The Beast's Lair
  2. Horrors in the Dark
Underhive Vermin
  1. Carrion Critters
  2. Borewyrms
  3. Brainleaf Zombies
  4. Carrion Bats
  5. Giant Rats
  6. Giant Spiders
  7. Miliasaurs
  8. Ripper Jacks
  9. Sumpkrocs
  10. Wild Canids
Underhive Horrors
  1. Ambull
  2. Chaos Spawn
  3. Gigantic Spiders
  4. Sump Horrors
Cybernetica and Automata
  1. Mining Automata
  2. Murder Cyborgs
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