Vampire Hunters of Sylvania

Vampire Hunters of Sylvania 1.0

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Death comes for each man. Nowhere is this more evident than the lands of Sylvania. The tyrannical reign of the Von Carsteins has held sway for generations, keeping man and beast cowering indoors once darkness falls.
It is a dismal life that is lead in Sylvania, however it is often not over when death comes calling. Too often are loved ones laid to rest, only to have nothing but open graves remaining come morning. The dead do not sleep easily in the cursed soil, and oft are the times when ones weary bones are called into dark service. The dead stalk the living as horrors wander the streets at night. Even the short and bleak days do not provide solace as the more desperate of Sylvanian stock raid for what they can take with strength of arms.

Several have tried to escape, and very few have succeeded. Fewer still are those that return with hopes of liberating their countrymen from the iron-grasp of the von Carsteins and their court of nightmares. These determined men of iron bring with them those trained in the arts of dealing with the undead. Even priests of the god Morr come to Sylvania, hoping to cleanse the tainted hand that rules her. Here is what sends ghouls scampering back into their filthy holes. They are the ones who leave nothing but smoldering piles of ash in their wake. Here is what causes vampires to
pause. These are the Slayers, the Vampire Hunters of Sylvania.
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