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Many believe that the vampiric curse has been wiped out among the nobles in the Empire and that only Sylvania still holds Vampires. This is far from the truth as many lesser Vampires have spent centuries sleeping in coffins in the basements of a merchant or craftsman. There exists a Dark Brotherhood that guards the Vampires in their sleep and who waits for the time to awaken their masters. In Mordheim that time have come and the streets are once again stalked by the Vampires in search of fresh warm blood.

Vampires appear human and living although the curse of undeath runs in their veins, they are indeed dead and need to sustain themselves on the warm blood of living beings. It is speculated that they draw the lifeforce from their victims in order to sustain their own dying lifeforce. If a Vampire is prohibited from feeding he will lapse into a state of death, although being fed warm blood can revive him.

The sun is the source of life and allows the crops to grow but to the Vampire the sun is death and will burn him to ashes. Although a Vampire can wear an enclosing cloak and move around in the twilight he must sleep in darkness during the day. This resembles the sleep of humans but is much deeper, many Vampires have fallen to the stake of a Vampire hunter during the day when they are unable to move or defend themselves. The Vampire therefore makes use of guards, both living and dead.
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