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N17 War for Luther's Prospect - Balanced Perpeptual Campaign Ruleset 1

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This is a wide-ranging revision to Necromunda 2018, working within what is reasonably possible using the Gang Manager here, but wishes to balance experience versus credits gain, utilise many older mechanics, including reintroducing rare item rolling and older hired guns.

This is attempt to create a more balanced, experience-focused campaign with a sense of the poverty of the underhive, in contrast to the flaws we've found with Dominion. As one player put it we ended up with gangs of rather anonymous mooks who were better armed than space marine teams.
As such, my group and I started to rethink how we could create a more balanced, characterful campaign system. About the time we began to look ahead, the Seattle rules set was released, as was the Book of Peril. Both were very useful, with John Compton of the Seattle group kindly answering questions, and this rule set draws on also the questions I've asked here in recent months, and a magpie picking of ideas from various sources (such as Killer Shrike's site). It's been great to go through and rethink some mechanics, as well as to use some of the best ideas from the interwebs.

It also tries as a campaign booklet to make the pre- and post-game actions as clear as possible for gamers - as these are often confusing times. I hope it can inspire or be a source of criticism and discussion for other arbitrators and campaigners.
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