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Necromunda Warning Signs and Propaganda Posters 1.0

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A quickly put together sheet(A4 sized) of warning signs - those typically seen around construction sites and on buildings - along with a few fun ones.
Also included here are some Propaganda Posters - please note, these are not real historical Propaganda posters (as to not offend anyone), they just look like it.
Yes, there are some Ponies. (But, Bender and Daleks too!)
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Latest reviews

Very characterful and fun.
Great additions to terrain that help to bring a building to life
Quality, a great addition to any terrain makers arsenal.
Great stuff i would suggest having less duplicates and more different pics
I like to use many same or similar warning signs on a lot of my projects, so I made sure I only had to make one print. There are a lot more Propaganda Posters that i'd like to add, so I will probably make a second file of just those - which will be less duplicates and more different ones.
Fantastic collection of images for use on buildings. Fantastic that he shared this with the community for all to use and very high quality designs. They are a riot!
Thanks Boss :D