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N17 Weapon profiles 2018-05-28

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This is a spreadsheet with all weapon profiles from all official english language sources (Necromunda: Underhive, the Gang War expansion books, the Gangs of legend pdf and the White Dwarf rules).

I mainly use it to spot and try to solve the inconsistencies between the different sources.
The lines are color-coded as follows:
  • red: this profile has been confirmed wrong by an official FAQ
  • green: this profile has been confirmed correct by an official FAQ
  • orange: this profile is presumed wrong (no official confirmation)
  • blue: this profile is presumed correct (no official confirmation)
  • purple: I have no idea what the correct profile for this weapon is

I'll try and keep it up-to-date whenever new data is made available by GW.
Please, let me know if you spot any clerical error on my part.
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