Wood Elves, The Asrai Wayfarers

Wood Elves, The Asrai Wayfarers 1.5

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The Asrai have always been a secluded race. They usually keep to their deep forest of Athel Loren, rarely venturing forth except in the time of need or defense. However, despite their usual solitude, the Asrai still have means to the knowledge and secrets of the outside world; and it come through the skills and abilities of their elven Wayfarers. This band of specially trained wood elves serves the various requests of their nobles with dedicated efficiency. Whether it is to recover stolen treasures, discern foreign motives, track down mystical creatures, eliminate distant enemies, or discover mysterious occurrences; no task is beyond the reach of the Wayfarers. They are capable of traveling lengthy distances beyond their secure borders, across hostile environments, to fulfill their duties.
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