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NCE Yaktribe Necromonicon v1.0

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Here it is folks, the full V1.0 of the publication formerly known as the Yaktribe Sourcebook – Introducing the Necromonicon.

This isn't the end though – it's still an ongoing project so as always, please feel free to submit any other ideas, works, tutorials, claim your photo credits or request removals either in the discuss this resource thread or message me directly.

Finally, I'm going to upload the high resolution version of it to issuu soon. I'll post a link to it when it is live.

All the best.
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Nearly there now on the full first draft. If anyone has any more ideas for tutorials, please let us know! And please keep the credits coming in too! Cheers.
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V0.5 - added blooddonors piece - well worth a read if you've not already, a great tutorial from fold and a couple of other bits and bobs. More coming soon… Please keep suggestions and content coming – and don't forget to claim your images if they've been used. Cheers!