Zone Mortalis Tile Planner

N17 Zone Mortalis Tile Planner 1.01

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This is a Trimble Sketchup file that contains all 36 tile images (ie including the Badzone Delta 7 tiles) arranged into convenient Sketchup components that you can place and rotate really easily.

I've also included a couple of groups that show them classified into a) the different wall patterns, and b) some completely arbitrary categories and D6 values that I will be using to randomly generate ZM maps.

I've also put the 6 basic ZM scenarios + The Gauntlet in there.

Note that you'll want Sketchup's Layers tray visible to show/hide stuff most efficiently.

I have also included some 3D ZM walls on the layer marked "Walls" so you can have a sort of 3D preview of your map - note that turning this layer on does slow Sketchup down on slower machines due to all the extra geometry. If your machine is struggling, delete this layer and all the geometry in it.

Barricades, doors, and loot crate included, Thanks to Eberleg (doors, also my walls are heavily based on his), Tyuiop (crate & barricade), and Dxsus (barricade)

Haven't found any decent terminal or gang relic models so they're not included (yet).


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