2014 Competitions

Yak Comps

What are the Yak Competitions?
These are painting and modelling competitions related to tabletop wargaming. The subject of the competitions vary greatly to try and keep each one unique and give the entrants a chance to be creative.
Who can enter?
Anyone! Unless noted otherwise, we don't limit to any specific members or countries. On occasion there may be a sponsered competition with prizes from a company that may have restrictions on countries legally able to claim them.
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4Modelling a Member

ClosedEnded Dec 6th, 2014

Model a figure based on your own or another forum users name, it can be any special character, gang warband member, special, heavy, hired gun etc but must be a single 28mm miniature.

3Entrance Terrain

ClosedEnded Sep 30th, 2014

Make an Entrance to a Settlement, Hideout, Trading Post, Castle, Cemetery, Sewer, Mine, hell - even a Vault!

2Scenery for Scenarios

ClosedEnded Aug 1st, 2014

For Necromunda, Gorkamorka and Mordheim, there are many scenarios which use specific markers or counters to indicate on the battlefield a item to pick up or an objective, as well as other dynamic tokens. Some examples are loot, scrap, wyrdstone, traps, gravestones, water still.

1Hired Help

ClosedEnded Jun 14th, 2014

A Hireling of some kind. This can be from either of the 3 games. You must build and paint a regular Hired Gun/Sword from the rules - you decide the equipment taken and MUST ensure that the model shows this.