2015 Competitions

Yak Comps

What are the Yak Competitions?
These are painting and modelling competitions related to tabletop wargaming. The subject of the competitions vary greatly to try and keep each one unique and give the entrants a chance to be creative.
Who can enter?
Anyone! Unless noted otherwise, we don't limit to any specific members or countries. On occasion there may be a sponsered competition with prizes from a company that may have restrictions on countries legally able to claim them.
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11'Tis the Season

ClosedEnded Dec 20th, 2015

Create a Holiday themed Special Character - for use in Necromunda, Mordheim or GoMo!

10Unusual Suspects

ClosedEnded Nov 6th, 2015

For this competition we want you to make / start a non-standard gang - minimum model count is required (which is 1 leader and 2-3ish more depending on gang, warband, tribe etc) but must NOT be from an official rule book or official supplement.

9Triple Age of Trouble

ClosedEnded Sep 19th, 2015

We would like you to make 3 of something - the very same item through 3 different ages.

8Rise of the Machines

ClosedEnded Jul 18th, 2015

Merely steampunk / cyborg the crap out of something!

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7House of Cards

ClosedEnded May 31st, 2015

Build a group with at least two members of a Noble House, Brats, Servants or a Lord for Necromunda... A Made Ork, who earned his place on the hulk for Gorkamorka... or an equivalent for Mordheim - Mayor, Knight!

6Pimp My Ride

ClosedEnded Apr 1st, 2015

Make some kind of vehicle / transport for your gang/warband/mob etc. There is no minimum (or maximum!) base size. The model must be able to, or look like it can actually transport people.

5Lawmakers and Rulebreakers

ClosedEnded Feb 6th, 2015

No matter where you go in a Hive City, an Empire City or Mektown you're going to run into someone who wants to - Poison you to raise your corpse, Hunt you down, Eat you, Beat you half to death with batons, Smite your accursed soul, Vaporise you or all of the above.