2016 Competitions

Yak Comps

What are the Yak Competitions?
These are painting and modelling competitions related to tabletop wargaming. The subject of the competitions vary greatly to try and keep each one unique and give the entrants a chance to be creative.
Who can enter?
Anyone! Unless noted otherwise, we don't limit to any specific members or countries. On occasion there may be a sponsered competition with prizes from a company that may have restrictions on countries legally able to claim them.
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17Never judge a .... by it's cover

ClosedEnded Jan 4th, 2017

Recreate an Album or Book cover - but obviously 'update' it to fit with our Necromunda, Gorkamorka or Mordheim themes. This can be a bit of Scenery, a Vehicle, a mini or a mixture of all three.

16Pop Culture

ClosedEnded Nov 1st, 2016

Make something / Paint Something that is based or themed on Pop Culture!
It could be a Movie, a Comic, a TV Show, a Band, a Book etc basically any real life entertainment serves as the theme for this one.

15The BFG

ClosedEnded Sep 3rd, 2016

From Roald Dahls famous book to one of the first FPS ever - everyone loves BFGs (That's Big "Freaking" Guns or Giants ) - Well, here's your chance to show the rest of the world that your weapon is the biggest!

14Neglected Youth

ClosedEnded Jul 6th, 2016

Juves are often neglected, or at least low priority, when painting and modelling gangs and warbands. They are the test pieces to see if a paint scheme will work, and often have the least attention paid to them when it comes to details and finishing touches. We all know what happens when youths are neglected, they become the Young and the Restless, and it is rare to hear the word "delinquent" without the prefix "Juvenile"

13It Came From The...

ClosedEnded May 9th, 2016

Make / Paint a Monster or some Monsters - this is our first ever dedicated monsters competition too, so we're hoping for some really creative entries.

12Open Season

ClosedEnded Mar 4th, 2016

This is going to be an easy one...kind of... Its called "Open Season" You can make anything you like (so long as it's for Necro, GoMo, Mordheim, INQ28, FG etc etc)